Our Vision

To develop a suite of innovative, web-based software solutions tailored to the specific educational and managerial needs of the childcare and early education industry. To create comprehensive and seamlessly integrated web-based solutions which make the currently available, disparate, desktop-installed point-solutions obsolete.

To leverage inexpensive, globally available knowledge capital on a contract and adhoc basis to minimize product lifecycle expenses. To leverage open-source technologies and 3rd party hosting services (where practical) to minimize software and hardware expenses. To operate the company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing the value for our shareholders.

To leverage the 20+ years of combined Big 6 systems integration consulting expertise of our founders in the startup, growth, and management of this new software development venture. To create career opportunities for our employees and to foster creativity and innovation in the workplace.

To be active, outspoken advocates for children's education and issues, and to be a financially contributing role model for the preservation of globally dwindling endangered species. To operate our company in a socially responsible manner including leveraging recycled materials whenever possible.